Blue Moon

December 30, 2009

December 30, 2009
Moon: Almost Full
Retrogrades: Mars and Mercury

On New Year’s Eve, we will have a Blue Moon. That’s the second full moon within a calendar month (at least, that’s been the popular interpretation for the past 50 years — there are some recent disputes), and for it to fall on New Year’s Eve is even more unusual. Because it’s so unique, it also has power. So, even more than usual, be careful what you wish for! Be very, VERY specific. Think through the consequences. The likelihood of fulfillment is higher on a Blue Moon — but the consequences are also stronger and faster.

I’m also designating this a “Wishing Moon”. “Wishing Moons” come around every three months; you make a list of wishes for the coming cycle, and then you go out and you take steps to make them happen. When the next Wishing Moon comes around, you take out your list, see what you’ve accomplished, what’s still in progress, what you had to let go. You burn the list, and you create a new one for the next cycle.

This is a PRIVATE list. If you want to share it with people in your circle, or a trusted friend, go ahead. But the Wishing Moon list is not something you post on the internet or discuss publicly, the way you do goals when you work publicly for accountability. These are the goals and dreams of your heart, the things that need to be kept close and private and nurtured as they take form.

So — tomorrow’s Blue Moon is also a Wishing Moon. Take some time to reflect and make choices to make the coming cycle, the coming year, the coming decade the best ever.

The next Wishing Moon (by my calculation) is on March 29.

May you have a peaceful and joyous New Year, and may it usher in a decade of abundance of all good things.

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