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Nov. 3: Tending the Dead – The Animals

November 3, 2019

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This past year, I lost Lucy, our beloved rescue, adopted last summer. We still mourn her.

Far too many friends and colleagues lost beloved animal companions.

Far too many animals die of neglect or are killed in shelters.

Tonight, I honor the animals who died, both those I knew and those I didn’t.


Nov. 2: Tending the Dead — The Children

November 2, 2019

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Today is the day I honor the children who died. Some of them will be children I knew, or those lost by friends and acquaintances.

The other children honored in tonight’s ceremony are those who died in the concentration camps at the border. They must not be forgotten.

While I work with my elected officials to end these camps, make sure no more children die, and that those responsible are held accountable, I will also take time to remember and honors those individual children by name.


Nov. 1: Tending the Dead – Honoring Those I Knew

November 1, 2019

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The Day of the Dead is traditionally celebrated today. I’m lucky enough to have a working fireplace, and that’s where I display my Day of the Dead decor.

For the rest of the ceremonies over the next few days, I generally do them either at midnight going into the day or at 3 AM of the day, two times when I feel the work is particularly strong. I generally prefer 3 AM, because it’s quieter and I feel more connected.

Tonight is the night that I honor the friends, family, and acquaintances I know who died since last Samhain. I allow myself to miss them. I remember the good times. I’m glad they were a part of my life.


Oct. 31: Tending the Dead – Ancestors

October 31, 2019

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On my website, Cerridwen’s Cottage, I have a section on Tending the Dead, which is a series of rituals I do when the veil is thin for several days around Samhain. The rituals are a little different every year, but the information on the site gives the basic structure.

This year, things are complicated, because Mercury turns retrograde today. Most of the time, when Mercury goes retrograde, I don’t perform magic, and only the most basic ritual of gratitude. I focus on the daily advice Tarot card readings and my daily meditation sessions.

Having Mercury Retrograde fall during this time is a complication.

The best way I have to deal with it is to keep things simple. Keep your casting simple, keep your words simple. Make sure you are clear and there’s no wiggle room. Focus on healing and gratitude. Don’t ask for information; it’s likely to be skewed.

I always do a tarot reading for the year on Samhain, using an Action Card and an Energy card (two different decks) for each month. I’m concerned that today’s will be skewed.

At the same time, the researcher and note-taker in me is interested to see how it stacks up.

Tonight, Samhain, is the night I honor my Ancestors. I’ve done some genealogical research, and there are several of the women in my lineages to whom I feel particularly drawn. I also honor my father, who died when I was ten, tonight, and the relatives I actually knew.

I do this as part of my Samhain ritual.

Tonight’s will be much simpler than usual, but still with intent. I have company this year, and will be sharing the ritual with that individual, who is someone I’ve known for a long time and trust.